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What Sells Best at Church Flea Markets?

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Your stall at the church flea market is not going to fetch you profits unless you display items that are popular with the public. And in order to achieve that, you need to go in for some market research. Indulge in some casual conversations regarding products that find favor with people in general, and bear them in mind. Media sources such as newspapers, magazines, and TV also convey lots of information concerning people’s tastes. For instance, if an ad indicates that Hannah Montana stuff appeals to people, then you could put up their items for sale. Another thing that you could do is to check out the latest where entertainment, fashion, and hobbies are concerned.

Now that you have a fair idea of what sells and what does not, go a step further and pay a visit to the church flea market you plan to be a part of. Take note of what the other traders are selling. Once you get the list of items, you can sort out how many people are displaying the same products in their stalls. So all that you have to do now is to be different—put up similar goods as well as those that the others do not have in their shops.

A trick to keep in mind is that goods associated with a particular season generally find favor with the public fairly quickly. Just give it a thought. What would sell well during the hot summer days? Sunglasses, cool hats, and hand-held fans would be a Godsend to beat the summer heat. Additionally, people love to spend more time on the beaches rather than being cooped inside the four walls of a house—children would adore inflatable beach toys. Where autumn is concerned, what do you think people would want? Warm blankets and gloves-anything that would keep them warm in the cool weather.

Then, you have products that are associated with particular events or holidays only. These include Easter (goodies to fill the Easter basket), Halloween (masks), and the Fourth of July (flags). Finally, parties are always an ongoing thing, considering that there are so many occasions to celebrate—so costumes, decorations, and gifts will always be in demand!

Another aspect to be borne in mind is that your stock has to come from wholesale markets. Ensure that your wholesale marketer is genuine, and not actually a middleman who will demand a share in the profits. For your prices have to be affordable if you wish more customers to come to you. And if you yourself have shelled out wads of dollars for your stuff, what profit are you going to get?

Thus, as a flea market vendor, you have a double job to do—hunt for items that will really sell, plus find a wholesale dealer who will give you the products for a reasonable price. You have to use the method of study plus trial and error to rake in the money!

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